Adime 2.2.0 Release Notes

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There are two problems with the MSVC build process.

  1. There is an error in the makefile. Please replace adime220\misc\ with this file.
  2. Adime tries to build the documentation, despite this cannot be done under MSVC. Thus, MSVC users should do as follows instead of the suggested build procedure:
       fix msvc
       make lib examples
       make lib examples DEBUGMODE=1
       make installall
    Afterwards, you will have everything except some documentation formats. You always have the documentation in chm format (in the file adime220\docs\chm\adime.chm). If you want the documentation in other formats (including html, txt and others), you have to build it with DJGPP instead of MSVC:
       fix djgpp
       make docs

By Sven Sandberg,
Last updated on 17 April 2005.
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