Dialog Configuration Variables

By tweaking the variables in this section, you can change the general appearance of Adime's dialogs.

BITMAP *adime_bmp;
If you want the dialog to be displayed on a certain video bitmap other than `screen', set this to point to that bitmap. This is particulary useful if you for some reason have scrolled away from the top left area of the video memory and want the dialog to be displayed on currently visible video memory rather than on the default location. If this is NULL (it is by default), `adime_dialogf()' & co will scroll to the top left corner of screen and use that part to display the dialog on.
See also: adime_dialogf, adime_font.

FONT *adime_font;
FONT *adime_title_font;
FONT *adime_button_font;
The font used in general by Adime dialogs and objects, the font for the title of the dialogs and the font for the OK and Cancel buttons. If one of them is NULL (they all are by default), Allegro's `font' will be used.
See also: adime_dialogf, adime_bmp.

int adime_yield;
Flag indicating whether or not Adime dialogs should call Allegro's function `yield_timeslice()' continuously when it has nothing better to do. Default is `TRUE'. This flag has no effect while the file selector is open: `yield_timeslice()' will always be called then.
See also: adime_dialogf, adime_clean_screen.

int adime_clean_screen;
Flag indicating whether or not Adime dialogs should restore the screen after they have been closed. Default is `TRUE', indicating that the screen should be restored.
See also: adime_dialogf, adime_yield, adime_window_visible.

int adime_window_visible;
Flag indicating whether the background window of Adime dialogs should be drawn. Default is `TRUE', indicating it should be drawn.
See also: adime_dialogf, adime_yield, adime_clean_screen.

void (*adime_callback)(DIALOG *d)
If you set this to something else than `NULL', then that function will be called continuously as long as a Adime dialog is open. The argument `d' will point to the first object of the current Adime dialog, or the first object of Allegro's file selector when it's open. See adime/examples/exanim.c for an example on how to use this to do animation while a dialog is open.
See also: adime_dialogf.

Adime Colors

extern RGB

See also: adime_dialogf.

Adime Metrics

extern int

See also: adime_dialogf.

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